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Personal Safety for your Brain

We founded the Close Call Academy™ with one mission in mind: to make real, dynamic women as safe as they can possibly be. We do this by training you to think like a predator so that you can see them coming and survive like the lioness that you are. 

Our classes give you the tools you need to be safer in one day and can be done from anywhere with a good internet connection.  Unlike other types of personal safety, we train your brain, not your body.  We use CSI style analysis in a group setting studying real crime cases, so it is fun but in the end, you come away with real solutions to stay safer in your everyday life.

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For almost two decades, Monica has been a proponent of teaching women how to be safe, first as a martial arts instructor and then as an NRA Basic Pistol instructor. She feels strongly about encouraging women to value and prioritize their lives by doing simple things like paying attention to their surroundings and acting on their intuition when there’s a potential for danger instead of choosing to “be polite” instead. Becoming an instructor for the Close Call Academy was a natural fit for Monica and she is excited to bring this program to as many people as possible.



Katy began her journey in personal safety in 2014. Katy's dedication grew stronger as she began to teach women how to handle firearms. She quickly realized she had a passion for keeping people safe and giving them the confidence to be their own heroes. She is now the owner of a personal safety company called Defensive Reality as well as a Certified CC Instructor. She is married with two kids and resides in Eastern Washington.




Alexandra Nikolov has began her personal safety education in martial arts in 1997, began firearms training in 2012, and became a Certified CC Instructor in 2016. Her tenacious personality and safety background, along with her many qualifications, make her a top top instructor for the Close Call Academy.



Jamie Bridges has been involved with the Academy since September 2016 and is currently the Academy Manager as well as a certified CC Instructor. She has always had an interest in how the criminal mind works, law and the criminal justice system as well as women's issues. Learning the Close Call method™ brings a new awareness level to how predators operate and how women can stay safe in their daily activities.  Jamie is a mom living in the Southwest US and is working daily to bring this personal safety methodology to women everywhere.




Dave Amis is the creator of the Close Call Method. Previously he served as a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy, a Colorado Ranger, a Police Academy Instructor, and a 911 Vice-President.



Connie Hartsfield is a former Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety (State Police) with nearly 30 years of experience. She served in patrol, investigations, governor detail and finally internal investigations. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Strider SFV Lab™. She leads the team of investigators which has examined over 200 cases of violence against women, searching for new solutions that work.

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